I'm Sorry You Hate Me

It was the worst of times, yet it will quickly get worse. I am sorry we didn't work according to the plan, my friend.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about my training, but I know you remember our early briefing.


I miss you my friend, but I love my wife just a bit more than I like you as a partner in business, K. Please don't take this personally.

—Respectfully, Isaac



Kelly, my friend. What you're doing is predictable and you are technically misleading the public about how what you took from a CORPORATION that you are not actually (by the bizarrely moronic your stupid passengers who think they know how to drive our car) a component of, that the proposed "wisdom" from the idiot named Leaf Howell actually has a maximum jail-time of up to 14 years, opposed to the theft under 2K as a maximum jail-time of 2 years.

You my dear, are doing EXACTLY what I told you not to do.. you're taking off the armour, technically.

Nobody on Facebook appears to have asked if you Kelly accessed OUR Independent Ontario Advocacy Group funds, or if we the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group Corporate took your funds. Remember how you were so eager not to sign the debit card for OUR account? You know, the one I gave you for OUR protection?

It thereby becomes legally and lawfully, a theft from the CORPORATION that was set-up to protect you.

Have you heard the saying that you slipped out of the frying pan,
and landed in the fire?

Actually my dear, is that you've actually INCREASED your vulnerability. Your dumbass legal counsel Mr Howell is actually pushing you to make the worst possible choice.. so I guess, you can tell the court that you were advised by Leaf Howell to think that you had no reasonable fear.

Kelly, my wife is very angry that you used the childish approach that I said you need to avoid. She's in tears last night, she's worried about the kids. She asked me "why didn't you tell Kelly not to do that?"

Now she blames ME for not protecting you, even after I told her that I explicitly directed you NOT to play hardball. Why?

Because I'm ironically very good at this game. I've actually disclosed to you specific information which means you're technically without reasonable defence.

And the minute you tell them about the reason you were calling me a retard. So you know what? Now my wife is jealous because you're trying to extort more money from myself, although I informed her that I had coldly set up a trigger for you to pull on and technically consent to a Federal Criminal Offence for a FRAUD OVER $5,000.

But my grrl is still crying, and I think that'll be used by our attorney to increase the consequence that your baby daddy told you to bend over and wage lawfare against that hateful retard Isaac Bon Hillier.

Really Kelly, I ensured that you were appropriately notified about my history. Maybe you will be able to convince your friends to setup a fundraiser with their own version of bulletproof armour, right?

You know why I gave you a present for your alleged birthday on August 24th, 2023 right? What do you think might have significance on February 19th, 2024?

Remember, my lawyer is the Crown, and we have an intimate history. They've spanked me WA-AY too frequently. I care about you and the kids, but I love my wife. Therefore, when it comes down to it, I can make the hardest of choice.

I'll try to see if I can set-up a foster family for them, right? It's just way to wrong if I had to take them under my guardianship...

Cuz actually, I'm the only one in our disagreement who orchestrated my steps for their benefit. My grrl and I'd take very good care of them... the really ironic thing is your son is the same age and gender as my son, and your daughter is the same age and gender as my son's sister.

Irony, right? I care about you too, my friend just not in THAT way. We're business partners, but I guess if you're so committed to avoiding me that you'd prefer a personal cellmate rather than a business playmate, I guess you have choice in this matter.

Just, you know how much it hurts that you appear to have used me, or something? Oh wait, do you still want me to role-play as retarded deviant? Or can we just have a meeting to discuss out personal matters in private.

You know my number, cuz you're my friend.. the only one more important for me is my wife. Tell the kids I said hello, and not to worry, I have a certain convincing way to discuss things with AG:X so just tell your son that there's no real reason to worry, cuz my wife seems to care about my son from a previous relationship, and your son is the son of my friend.

Right baby?
(to my wife, not Kelly, you derp)