It’s literally “game day"...

Be wary of getting embroiled in a drama that isn’t yours to tango with:
Henry "Chad" Case has been sending me details about his women and this conflict despite my requests to stop (cease & desist) that have not been heeded.


I started getting tagged in his posts despite not knowing him or how he found me a year ago or more (likely because I post so much content) and because of his affiliation with a woman I vaguely know through the “freedom movement”, whom is one of the conflicting parties alluded to in the messages sent above.. I don’t know WTF is happening in this situation except that officials have been called (the woman informed me privately given I’ve been copied in an email sent to us all after relations went south) and have plainly stated I’m not involved nor interested.

I don’t know what he is playing at but did want all names of people in my groups so he could gain leverage over me like he did with the other woman his wife and him are in conflict with for not upholding her side of an agreement I don’t know specifics around.

I didn’t agree to it, obviously.

I’ve stayed quiet to observe and because the whole thing is odd to me as to why I’ve got included despite requests to help me see why I should be bothered with drama that isn’t mine.

I don’t appreciate my clear boundaries being trampled over time and again so I caution all of us to be wary. Not just in this situation but when something of the like occurs in an online space.

We are dealing with a virtual reality where identities can be replicated and imitated easily enough, especially when the news recently was talking about “deep fakes” as something is gearing up to happen..

  • it’s quite literally “game day,” so please try to be mindful of to whose drama you are giving your energy. If it isn’t yours and you don’t understand the context of the people involved, so why let the drama distract you or get involved?

Hiero’s Prism requires a victim, rescuer (hero) and persecutor (villain).

I may seem the villain now for speaking my truth, as I did with @TopcatTony when I asked about the “Global Family Group” that he is promoting that seems like a new version of the old system to me.

I posted a video I got condemned for sharing to honestly ask for other people’s experience with Global Family Group (GFG) yet no one spoke to it.

So then I say the difference between sharing a Conflict you’re having with another for the sake of getting others involved is different from asking for other people’s experience of something the ones tagged may believe in because they believe in the people who “brought them in” yet if this system of borrowed trust has a joker in its midst… be wary to beware.

It’s a crazy time.

I’d still like feedback from people who have engaged with GFG to know whether it is what I was told by the one I trusted despite only interacting with online for the last two years…

I’d like to have a call with all parties connected to the GFG to get to the bottom of what’s good and what only looks that way because the noosphere is a huge pond where little fish get eaten by bigger ones.

We are all the players on the field and honest questions of one another to resolve unsettled feelings are valid because remedy is being requested.

  • Gaslighting, projecting and character assassinations are not helpful when genuine questions are asked.

Trying to get others involved in a private conflict is not the same as calling for a public meeting to get to the bottom of situations that intuitively feel off despite external validation from people we believe we trust because of online relationships fostered over time that lack real life connection.

I would like to have a meeting with clear rules of engagement where full explanations can be hashed out civilly and then we can all know what’s good or just hooded. Is this even possible, though?