Ms OROZCO to Ms FARKAS re 'Kelly Is Essential AND Orozco Is History'

ON: June 10, 2024 at 1201EST
RE: Re: Kelly Is Essential AND Orozco Is History
FR: Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
TO: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe 

  • What you are is a true bitch.  I don't approve of you, you are a witch, an evil woman. You will get your just desserts in Hell.  You are a homewrecker, and a croock.  You have swindled $10000+ out of us.  Who is the thief.  You have the nerve to talk to me.  YOu are a liar, you are hungarian not native. You are well connected yet you ask two people who are struggling due to been evicted for money.

  • I am not you sister, your sisters are all in hell.

  • What Isaac says is just words to make his possible cheating possible. 

    Isaac has been bullying me about pressing charges on my father something that is history for me.  If Isaac would realize he is hurting me for bringing it up constantly and opening the wounds of pain.  He has been hurting me with his numerouns emails as you saw with his cruel words that I enjoyed sexual abuse.  The charges on October 14 where true, he did forcibly and violently keep me from leaving the house.  What you are is a big  ugly BULLY

    Do you get giddy mocking an abused victim of domestic assault.  You are a fake crusader for women, and Isaac is pretended to be a crusader for children and women.  He has a short temper, when he gets angry he gets very angry and destroys walls, doors etc.  He yells so everyone will hear him block away.  He is telling you his version of his story.  The reality is that is has been huriful to me.  Your meat is used, respect a marriage in church you witch.  Are you not twice divorced? 

    Return the $10000.  Return the $5000 to me you thief are you trying to avoid jail time by stealing a husband.  I have told the police about you.  You fake truther, the only truth you speak is that you are meat.  No real lady talks like this only men who see woman as just meat. A lady has more value,  how dare you write to me about puta y mujer de mierda.

    isaac is guilty in this to, how you judge me.  Do you think you can harass me? what where you hoping to achieve with harrassment?
    If Isaac is parenting your children, where is the father of your children, where are the losers?  You are nothing but a Puta.

  • On Sunday, June 9, 2024, 3:55:18 p.m. EDT, Kelly <> wrote:

    • My children are essential. Our history is not, but we will be better 4 ur past; never benefit without knowing what we did. For to protect our future, we will not repeat past mistakes. You trained Isaac well. I am happy you approved of us.. your stupid husband said the church doesn’t allow him to do what I want. Thanks Sister, you’ve helped a lot. Isaac tells me that you tried to break-up our corporation, which was mean of you little girl.

    • Isaac is a better father to my children than your father was to you. You are still a child because Isaac told me that you are still a little girl. Well sweetie, I’m a woman, and you will NOT SEE what your husband sees behind me or under me. He was heartbroken, and those are the best meat. I luv that ur 2 kiddy 4 hubby.     :^p