ON: July 06, 2022 at 1348EST
    Our Marriage, Our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, Our Conjugal Union 
    (Part 2 of 5)
FR: Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
TO: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
FW: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe 

  • isaac, 

    just leave this alone.  i told you that this subject hurts so now i see that you can't drop it and don't respect my decision to leave it alone. Then you will leave me alone.  \you say you are sorry for the words and false accusations you say but the problem is that again you start harrassing me about the past.  you show me that you are not sorry.  i married you, i am with you, i don't understand why you are so fixated on this subject. 

     like i told you yesterday, you leave me alone now.  you keep repeating the same mistake that you are sorry about mentioning this to me about your insults, and word choices and then you start again mentioning it and insulting me.  do you think that spreading your untruths, insults so that neighbours can hear is right?  you do this to me  again and again.  it is you that has a problem.  

    so i am saying good-bye to you.  stop acting like we are together now because we are not.  your'e focus on this subject, your yelling at me, insulting me and you telling me that it was my fault for the con artist defrauding me-- is wrong. I am nobodie's trump stamp. this email is not an invitation for you to contact me or write back to me.  

    If you really loved me you would not make this an issue and you wouldn't be so fixated on this, you have hurt me very much.  you think that this subject doesn't hurt but it does, stop spreading information that something that happended to me long ago, you are ruing my honour and yours.  you don't understand how to be a gentleman, you think that talking about rape is great for me  and if you think that a woman's reputation is not damaged by everyones knowledge of a rape you are wrong.  you are spreading what happened to me as if it is not something to be proud about.  this is how i know you don't love me, you lack sensitivity.  you have dishonoured my mom and myself.  

    you have done enough damage to my reputation, stop talking to others about what happened to me as a child, you are hurting me with this fixation,  you want everybody to know, stop.    you evidently have been holding your unhappiness for a long time.if you tell me that i am emasculating you, you  will never see me again.   i am first insulted that you accuse of so much, and secondly i will then end this relationship ,marriage.

    i know that it is wrong to not work it out, but you are treating me very badly.  you have just cause of not wanting to be with someone that has been raped.  if my presence bothers you, i won't be a problem to you anymore.  \i have tried to work it out with you, i have tried to make the marriage work.  i have given you many opportunities to make it right. Yesterday i thought you would be happy to have the apartment cleaned, it really needs to be cleaned up, but you have insulted me,  but you have pushed me too far, i am so hurt it is obvious that you are not happy with me, i am sorry for causing you such distress.   stop harassing me and please leave me alone.   i will be in contact about my clothes and possessions.  

    please remember to pay off the two debts you have with me, i will contact the police about the fraud case, i will be in contact with them from now on.