From: Chad
Re: Alternate email address added to your account
To: Leopold (Brother of Stacy)
Cc: Chad, Virtual Crown College Park Toronto
Bcc: Fr Alex Laschuk JCD, PhDMary Marrocco R.P., M.Div., PhDKaren Rajendra MDiv., RP Qualifying, OAMHPFr Sam Samuel, VC

Well played, King Leopold,

I can't say I'm surprised at you, but I am surprised at my wife. If she is actually pregnant, then I will sign over my parental rights to you, so that you can raise him or her as an "Leopold Jr". I was just keeping her warm for you, I'm not going to fight you for my wife, because she has demonstrated that she has no problem making the ultimate sacrifice for her "brother." She always was, and always will be, a "Leopold" through and through.
Have a good life together. I'll start packing her stuff. Goodbye. I don't want to be here when she's moving her things to go live with you, so please give me a timeline and I will stay somewhere else for a couple nights or something. Honestly, I thought she had a stronger character, what with her self-identifying as a devout Catholic. Tell her thank-you for a great 12 years. She will leave an empty void in my heart, but I'm 40 and she's abut to turn 49. Mid-life crisis or not, I'm out. This is too dangerous.

I'll do a Guilty Plea at my scheduled JPT at the end of Jul, and that will get our marriage out of the way of your folie à deux. There's no reason in continuing with the SPPA appeal in Divisional, so I'll wind that down and just focus on the CPTSD sequelae on Dec12.

Goodbye. I'll leave you and your domestic partner alone. Please get me that list ASAP.
Chad, Chief Disinformation Officer
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  • Living in a dying dream, I‘ve tried to wake up
    Abandon this reality, but this has only made me cry
    Oh, this theatre of death
    Picture of blazing fire, burning down your memories with its voice
    having fallen into the depths of endless sky; having found peace
    You are looking for the part of your ocean but can't find it
    My plan is for heaven, my sacrifice is for love, my sorrow - my world

  • Loneliness in Heaven...
    Even oceans of my hope are drowning in the depths of my despair

  • I hear their singing
    I hear their screams
    Night follows the day
    Life is Pandora's chest

  • My pain follows me
    My tears fall down and split on the every day that passes by
    The fragments of my mind assemble the picture of suffering
    My world will open its door to the rainy day
    And no one will see the traces I've left