Player Update re "the Skies"

We haven't been following the relationship of the Saccoccia couple, but it was brought to our attention this morning (remember, this operation been totally purged from Twitter and Facebook, so we rely upon tips from our readers for up-to-date information) that he's changed his Facebook status to "Separated"...
Which is likely a move to get people to ease up from persecuting he and his wife, although it doesn't help that they had such a "playboy" affectation.

And, it also adds a wrinkle to the texture of the "Just Say No" slogan. ;)

Chris is claiming separation, in which case there will be paperwork filed. This is interesting, in a sense, and part of this writer's mind is leaning towards the authenticity factor because Saccocia seems rather "shoot from the hip" and so doesn't really have the capacity for deception, although he has "tried" at times.

Critics will be critics, but please remember not to lose sight of your objectives —talking to both sides, here— and don't descend into the ad hominem (lowest hanging fruit) bullshit, as that fruit is possibly spoiled, albeit occasionally ripe. I'm also looking for confirmation, as this is on the periphery of the "anti-mask/anti-lockdown" movement.

But as an aside, his Backatwork (2020-05-27) is Federal Not-For-Profit consisted (last I checked) of 3 seats, as:

  • Chris Saccoccia
  • Vladislav Sobolev
  • Jennifer Saccoccia

And his Mothers Against Distancing (MAD) (2020-07-22) is a Federal Not-For-Profit consisted of:

  • Chris Saccoccia
  • Kelly Farkas
  • Jennifer Saccoccia

And Private on Demand Education Incorporated (2020-08-18) is a body registered under the Business Corporations Act (ON) generally not reviewed, as of yet.. it looks like it's a different structure, likely a simple provincial corporation. Not sure about the details.

Now I've seen a fair bit of ratiocination (hypothetical reasoning) about how they interact, and albeit Chris calls it "his"' Not-For-Profit, he had to get at least two other seats in order to accept donations in excess of the annual gross $10,000 last I recall.
This may come back to bite him in the ass, as Vlad will likely just walk, not wanting to be used as a pawn to coerce either party, leaving control of "[his] movement". Jenn is the swing-vote in at least 2/3 of "his" organizations, which all look like cookie-cutter constructs.

If it's genuine, and you guys have been harassing Jennifer to such an extent, you should look in the mirror. If it's a play by Chris to take the "heat" off his wife, it's kind-of a juvenile manipulation, sort-of like when Ms Farkas released her anti-terrorism training certificate purportedly as "..a means of distraction to take the load off Lamont cause he looked physically sick".

This is a drama fest, methinks.. Chris is possibly overwhelmed by the limelight of being on his hero's show not just once, but three times.. with a special report dedicated to his opinion. We're gonna see a real shit-show as everyone loses sight of the common purpose and descends into the shit-slinging...


PS: AFAIK, You need to be separated for at least 12-months to receive a civil divorce, so the earliest they could apply for a Divorce Order would be early next year... not sure when they filed or claim to have separated.